What we do

Whatever kind of video content or audiovisual services you or your business needs, our team of creative minds goes all in every time. No matter the scale or genre.

We offer the full package of pre-production, video production & post-production in-house.

FD Productions is all about being truly dedicated to moving images. Whatever it is you or your business needs, a TV Commercial, branded creative content, a holistic concept including a suitable execution, a company video, an exceptional aftermovie of your festival, or everything combined - our team of creative minds goes all in and looks forward to help you out!
We're always on the look-out for new ways to improve our video creations. From the latest trends in technology to new formats, storytelling skills or filming techniques. Our team will come up with a creative solution that works.
We bring your brand to life with film, so you can better engage with your customers on all strategic & relevant touchpoints. Our team of creatives know exactly what they do and we'll help our customers the best we can.

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Festival Aftermovies
From small club venues to festivals with thousands of people.
TV Commercials
Production of big or small TV Commercials for national or regional television.
Corporate videos
Website video, an event coverage, company film, trainingsvideo, promotional video or employer branding video, … .
We are licensed drone pilots, flying with the latest drone technology. We’re your eye in the sky.
We help brands and events across the globe to livestream their events to audiences on a global scale.
Music Videos
Music videos are the way to go to promote yourself as an artist and to put your new song in the spotlight.
From business summits to boxing games, we have filmed it all. You can trust us to represent your brand how you want it!
From pre production to post production, we make telling untold stories a form of art with cinematography.
Bring any concept to life with animated videos. They are an engaging way to tell your story and make your key points pop out!
Whether you need photos from an event, portraits, real estate, products, or advertising photos, we have you covered!
Experience your love story forever with a professional wedding film like you have never seen before.
And so much more
If it has something to do with video production, we will probably do it. Contact us with your project and we’ll help you where we can.

The Process

After consultation with the customers, we develop a concept that is tailored in detail and exactly to the wishes and ideas of the client. Our team of creatives help thinking about a good video concept that works and that stands out. Message, budget, and goals are clearly defined in advance so we can make the best possible video content.
After the ideas and the scripts are final, we start with the planning of the shoot. First of all, all the ideas will be translated into moodpboard. We'll scout the locations, gather all the equipement that we need, cast actors, schedule shoot days, get permits, and break down the script to ensure that the production goes as smooth as possible.
Cinematography is at the core of our business. Our talented camera operators bring life tot the digital world by using the best camera equipement in the market combined with a wide variety of skillsets to turn your project into awesomeness. Every shoot is a new challenge for us and we always try to give it all for our clients during the shoots.
After the shoot, we go back to our editing studio to bring your videos alive. We have all the editing skills to bring your video to the next level. You'll get the most powerful editing and color grading services that exceeds anything in the marketplace. We agree on a deadline and our team makes sure that you'll have the final video content before launch day!

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